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Greetings from the Team at 3dSaraCreations.com!

IMPORTANT: All files included in these project packages are free to use in personal and commercial renders but may not be distributed, sold or shared in any way. If you create add-ons to these models (textures, morphs, etc.), you can't sell them but you can offer them as freebies. Our aim is to keep Sara FREE.

3dSC Backdrop 36KB
Untextured backdrop

France's Backdrop MATs 13MB
10 textures for 3dSC Backdrop above

Landscape Background Images 7.5MB
10 beautiful 1600x1200 photos

Sky Background Images 9.3MB
10 beautiful sky photos

Apothecary 13.2MB
Apothecary and terrain + textures for both

Castle Props 4.6MB
Everything for your castle: Banners, furniture, dishes, etc.

Settle & 4-Poster Bed 1.8MB
Medieval Settle (with opening seat) and beautiful 4-poster bed

Medieval Inn 3.5MB
Medieval Inn and P5-P6 MATs

Medieval Knight Armor 1.8MB
Conforming armor for Michael 3 and untextured bowl hairstyle (hr2)

Friar Mike 2.1MB
Monk outfit for Michael 3 and untextured monk hair (hr2)

  Musical Instruments 7.8MB
Harp, CrumHorn, Cornemuse, Luth, Rebec and musician poses for Sara, M3 and V3

Musician Poses 29KB
Same poses as above but for MAC

Shrub and Trees 5.6MB
Shrub, willow tree and oak tree plus textures

Royal Sara Outfit 7.3MB
Medieval queen outfit and P4-PP-P5-P6 MATposes - TEXTURES below

Royal Sara Textures 20MB
Textures folder (jpgs) for Royal Sara Outfit

Sara Knight 1.9MB
Medieval knight armor for Sara

Tavern Wench Outfit 9.3MB
Tavern wench outfit for Sara and various texture sets

Medieval Tents 270KB
Medieval war tents

Medieval Weapons 2.2MB
Swors, dagger and mace


This is the last 3dSC project. 3dSC is now closed. Downloads will remain available for as long as we have a host for them. For the moment, Jeff Alberts is hosting them and we thank him wholeheartedly for it!

We'd like to thank everyone who, at one time or another, has been part of 3dSC Team and has worked hard on creating beautiful freebies for Sara.


Modellers for the Medieval Project:
Contajen: Hall Table and Rebec
NeilP: Backdrop, Apothecary and Terrain, Settle, 4-Poster Bed, Morphing Goblet, Plants & Trees, Luth and Harp
PickersAngel: Royal Sara and Friar Mike Outfits
Realmling: Banners
Wraith : Tavern Wench, M3 Knight Armor, Sara Knight Armor
Xantor: Mace, Monk Hair, Bowl Hair, Cornemuse

Texture Artists for the Medieval Project:

Musician Poses Creator:

Project Managers:
NeilP and Realmling

NOTE: I tried my best to list every participating member. I apologize if I forgot someone. (France)


Each zipfile include a list of its content. This list will be found in 3dSC Readmes folder OUTSIDE your Runtime folder.

Copyright: 3dSaraCreations.com 2006
Released on July 4, 2006