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Greetings from the Team at 3dSaraCreations.com!

IMPORTANT: All files included in these project packages are free to use in personal and commercial renders but may not be distributed, sold or shared in any way. Two exceptions to that rule: Realmling's Dino and Trilo textures for the fairytale castle must not be used in commercial renders. If you create add-ons to these models (textures, morphs, etc.), you can't sell them. Our aim is to keep Sara FREE.

NOTE: To use Netta's Fairytale Underwear texture for Sara (fairytale13.zip), you need Tralfaz' make-up textures for Sara. Tralfaz has been kind enough to let us offer these textures here at 3dSC so you can get everything you need on the same page. For these reasons, we have included tralfaz' textures in the same zipfiles as Netta's texture. Thank you Tralfaz!

Fairytale01.zip 10,9MB
3dSC Fairytale Backgrounds

Fairytale02.zip 15,9MB
3dSC Fairytale Castle and MATs

Fairytale03.zip 13,1MB
Fae Cottage, Glass Coffin (w/Poses), Fairy Mushrooms, Spinning Wheel and Stool, MATs for all included items

Fairytale04.zip 14,6MB
Fairytale Cyclorama MATs and Textures

Fairytale05.zip 13,8MB
Fairytale Scene Setting and MATs

Fairytale06.zip 8,73MB
Fairytale Staffs, Wands, Scepter and MATs

Fairytale07.zip 15,6MB
Fairy Antennae, Princess Crown, Floral Wreath, Sara White Hair, MATs for all included items

Fairytale08.zip 13,6MB
Apple, Thrones, Magic Morty Morphing Mirror, Red Riding Hood Basket, MATs for all included items

  Fairytale09.zip 18,3MB
Elemental Familiars, Fairytale Coaches and MATs

Fairytale10.zip 9,21MB
Fairytale Wings, Leggins and MATs

Fairytale11.zip 10,6MB
Cinderella Dress and Shoes and MATs

Fairytale12.zip 12,2MB
Evil Queen Dress and Hood and MATs

Fairytale13.zip 10,5MB
Fairy Dress, Fairy Eye MATs, Fae Underwear MAT and TEX, Light and Dark Fae MATs

Fairytale14.zip 12,3MB
Red Riding Hood Dress and Cape, Sara White Dress, MATs for all included items

Fairytale15.zip 9,62MB
Princess Skirt, 2 Tops, Hennin (Hat) and MATs

Fairytale16.zip 9,96MB
Good and Evil Sara (versions 1 and 2) Morph and Makeup set, Froggy Fae Morphs and MATs, P5 Glass Slipper Materials

UPDATE - May 4, 2005:
tralfaz_sara.pz2 referred to incorrect textures and it has been corrected. Download here: tralfazsara_pz2.zip

UPDATE - May 3, 2005:
Missing texture for ParkerUnfolded GodMom's Castle
If you download fairytale02.zip for the first time now, you don't have to download that update because it is included in the zipfile.

I also corrected the location of the textures folders in this fairytale02.zip file. They were in Textures:NeilP, Textures:ParkerUnfolded, and Textures:Realmling. They must go into Textures:3dSC:Fairytale Project:NeilP, Textures:3dSC:Fairytale Project:ParkerUnfolded, and Textures:3dSC:Fairytale Project:Realmling.


After our successful first freebie package release (3dSC Christmas Sara), centered around the wonderful Sara free figure by DarkWhisper, we at 3dSaraCreations thought we would turn our sights on a Springtime theme for the next release.

Here you have it! Months of work by a variety of talented individuals teamed together with a single goal in mind have resulted in the 3dSaraCreations Fairytale Project! The 3dSC Fairytale Project consists of over 300MB of themed content including several dresses or outfits, scene props (all character-based to allow for easy MAT creation for your own textures), coaches, character morphs, faery poses, MATs for a variety of looks for each and every model, and even brand new posable figures!

We looked to classical Fairytale themes for our inspiration, so now you have in your hands the basics for placing Sara in any one of a variety of classical Fairytale themes. Beautifully rendered backgrounds for individual use, or for use with the Daz Cyclorama, Cinderella and her glass Slippers, Snow White and her crystal casket, Red Riding Hood and her picnic basket, spinning wheel, a castle, TWO thrones, a magic mirror, wands and wizard's staffs, wings, castles, woodsy hut and mushrooms and flora for fairy perching... They're all here, just for Sara (and a good deal more)!

Our Morph and Makeup set includes options for both Sara 1 and 2, and all clothing options should work with either version of Sara.

Several items will load by default with no texture applied. Just take a look in the Poses folder (all of our folders start with 3dSC) where you'll find a variety of MAT files to apply textures to all of the figures in this package.


3dSaraCreations is a volunteer group dedicated to creating digital content for and about DarkWhisper's Sara (available for free download at Daz3d.com - Latest news forum). If you are interested in Character modelling or Texture creation, and would like to join the effort (or maybe teach us something, or learn something from other volunteers), come on over and register at 3dSaraCreations.com! We're a varied group, from experts to beginners, and there's room for every level of skill and/or ability to participate.

Due to time constraints we have not been able to include a Preview Image and ReadMe from each individual creator. All the base objects have both a Preview Image and a ReadMe, though some of the MATs go uncredited in the 3dSC readmes folder (which, by default, will unzip to a folder "3dSC Readmes" outside your Runtime folder). Listed below are all of those volunteers who gave of their creativity, hard work, and inspiration to make the Sara Fairytale Project happen.

Modellers for the Fairytale Project:

NP - NeilP
RM - Realmling
XA - Xantor
GG - Groingrinder
HT - Hawktoey
NA - Netta
FR - France

Texture Artists for the Fairytale Project:

AS - AngelSpirit
BB - Barbarossa
CL - Calalene
CJ - Contajen
PAM - dpanzee
FR - France
HT - Hawktoey
NP - NeilP
NA - Netta
PU - Parkerunfolded (fls)
pbnj - Digital Hippies
PH - Phauxxee
PF - Posfan
RM - Realmling
SU - Sueya - Suzan - SA
WR - Wraith
XA - Xantor

Testers for the Fairytale Project:


Poses and Morphs created by:

pbnj - Digital Hippies (The Sara Project at http://www.digitalhippies.com/saraproject/index.php)
PU - Parkerunfolded (Froglace Studios at http://www.magickdream.com/froglace/

The 3dSC Project Team Admins are AngelSpirit, France, NeilP, MacDubhgal, and Realmling.


Each zipfile include a list of its content. This list will be found in 3dSC Readmes folder OUTSIDE your Runtime folder.

Copyright: 3dSaraCreations.com 2005
Released on May 1, 2005